French-Speaking Educators in High Demand in Canada

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There is currently a labour force shortage regarding bilingual workers in Canada. But the country is making an effort to sort this issue, Canadian Visa Professionals reported.

Canada plans to recruit French-speaking people from countries in Europe, Africa, etc. 

These people will settle in French-speaking minority communities in Canada. The francophone communities do not include Quebec. This is because Quebec has control over its provincial immigration program.

At the same time, the Canadian government aims to bring in French-speaking educators. With this strategy, communities will have easy access to French language education. This education program will include early childhood programs, French immersion programs, etc.

Canadian Government Plans for Francophone Minority Communities

Canada’s government is yet to set a new target for its francophone programs, reported Canadian Visa Professionals. French-speaking minority communities need to enjoy the benefits of immigration, according to Sean Fraser, the Canadian Immigration Minister.

Fraser added that the concern is not for more people to speak French. Instead, the priority of the government is to enable immigrants in the country to raise their families in their language of choice.

With this plan, French-speaking people in Canada will be able to carry out different activities in French. These include putting their children in daycare centers and accessing education in the language.

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Benefits of Canada's Plan to Recruit More Francophones

The recruitment of more French-speaking people and educators in Canada is to protect the cultural identity of the country, said Sean Fraser. He added that it would help ensure that the French-speaking people are integrated into the cultural identity of the country. This will benefit both the present generation and the future generations, noted Canadian Visa Professionals.

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