About Canadian Visa Professionals

Have you and your family considered moving to Canada to start a new and exciting life? If so, Canadian Visa Professionals and the authorized immigration consultants it collaborates with can help you throughout the process to apply for a permanent resident visa to Canada. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients to explore their best visa options to immigrate to Canada by the fastest and easiest means possible. Our experienced team knows how to handle the entire procedure so you can move forward quickly and without stress.

How We Can Help You

Canadian Visa Professionals works with a team of authorized immigration consultants who provide beneficial services to assist with your move to Canada. As you begin to complete the necessary paperwork, our team is here to help. The services performed by the immigration consultants we collaborate with include a personalized assessment of your eligibility to apply for Canadian permanent residency; informing you about which Canadian visa program best matches your profile; checking the documents required for the visa application; and guidance through each step of the application process for immigration to Canada. 

Do You Need a Representative?

The goal of Canadian Visa Professionals is to help you through the complex visa application process so it will be completed correctly and you can have a stress-free experience. While our services aren’t necessary for you to immigrate, they can make the rather complicated procedure easier to complete correctly. We know you are eager to start your new life in Canada and our goal is to make this as easy as possible by guiding you confidently through each step of the procedure.

Is Canadian Visa Professionals a Government Agency?

We are able to help you with the process of moving to Canada as a skilled immigrant through our contract with a team of authorized Canadian immigration consultants who provide eligibility screening and other services to the clients of Canadian Visa Professionals, in accordance with the Terms of Use posted on the CanadianVP.com website and the terms of use posted on the website of the authorized representatives who collaborate with Canadian Visa Professionals. According to Canada’s immigration law, their status as “Authorized Representatives” permits them to represent people before national and provincial immigration authorities regarding a variety of Canadian immigration issues. While we are not a government agency, we offer assessments and personalized assistance of the highest quality, provided by the authorized immigration consultants we work with, to clients seeking to immigrate to Canada from all over the world.

Important Note

Canadian Visa Professionals is a private company and is not associated with any Canadian immigration officials or government offices.