People Want to Work in Canada at These Top Startups

Not every startup is struggling to find top talent, despite what you read in the news. The 2018 Top Startup report was recently released by LinkedIn. Based on 14 million professionals, the study names the top startups where professionals not only want to work, but stay at. Tech companies account for many of the top 25 firms, but there is an eclectic mix of research, marketing, and food and beverage standouts. If you are considering moving for a job opportunity, contact CanadianVP. They can help you obtain the correct visa to live and work in Canada.

A senior editor for LinkedIn said, “In determining the top companies, we measure their interest in the company when a job is posted, and retention once they are hired.” Wealthsimple ranked number one on the new list. The company helps investors have well-rounded investment portfolios. Number two on the list is Coinsquare, which simplifies buying and selling digital currencies. The third top company listed is Element AI. The computer software firm has a headquarters in Montreal and is only two years old. There are over 70 PhDs among their employees. League insurance has customers such as Unilever, Facebook, and Shopify. The four-year-old startup gathered $62 million in one month to fund its expansion in the U.S. Kira Systems, which was founded in 2011, ranked fifth. CanadianVP will walk you through the steps of immigration. Contact them today!

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