Canadian Employers Are Looking for Software Engineers

There are several job positions available in Canada without enough applicants to fill the openings. Retail sales clerk, registered nurse, and software engineer are three of those labor-market mismatches. Indeed Canada, an internet job site, has identified sectors where there are either not enough or too many applicants for open job opportunities. Indeed economist Brendon Bernard reported that during 2018, openings in technology, health care, and retail topped the list of ten positions with not enough applicants per Canadian job post. If you are considering relocating to Canada for the perfect job opportunity, contact Canadian Visa Professionals to help make your dream come true. CanadianVP was established to assist people who want to start a new life in Canada.

Indeed calculates Canadian job mismatches by comparing the different jobs employers are posting on the site with the experience that job seekers show on their resumes, reported Bernard. The findings are cross-checked with Statistics Canada unemployment information, especially the most recent positions people have who are out of work, he said. They should show a similar pattern with one key difference. By tracking those seeking a job, including those who currently have a job but are on the search for another, Indeed gets a better picture of the talent pool. CanadianVP makes sure that all of the applications going to the immigration authorities in Canada are complete and in the most accurate order. This allows the processing of the documents to be at the highest speed possible and reduces required unnecessary delays. Contact them today!

Bernard said it wasn’t surprising that there is a higher number of postings for software engineers than people with recent experience looking for work. The gap between available workers and software-engineer positions didn’t widen during close to five years of data examined for the new report. “I think that fits with what we’ve seen in the tech sector, where if you look at industries like computer-systems design, they’ve been posting really strong growth, year after year since 2014, just adding staff at a really rapid clip,” said Bernard. There are several advantages to working with CanadianVP. One of the benefits is the financial flexibility of the process, paying the service fee for each stage of the application when relevant, which makes things easier and quicker.

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