Immigration to Canada Plays Key Role in Economic Growth

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Immigration has always played a key role in Canada’s economic stability and growth

The country is focusing on keeping Canadian immigration levels high with the many restrictions placed on the country due to COVID-19. RBC senior economist, Andrew Agopsowicz, said there is a current shock from the limits, but it is necessary to figure out how to adapt Canada’s immigration system to the new COVID-19 world long-term. He mentioned that although the restrictions are necessary, they are temporary. Canada must not retreat to a nation that doesn’t encourage immigration, since newcomers are vital for the country’s economic growth.

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Canada’s population is seeing an increase in residents who are at least 55 years old, currently 30 percent, while only eight percent of immigrants are in that age group. In 2019, Canada’s population increased by close to 580,000 people, and immigration accounted for over 80 percent of that growth. Without the last 15 years of robust Canadian immigration policies, the nation would have aged similar to Japan in the 1990s. Now, Canada boasts of being one of the youngest countries in the G7.

Canada’s Population Increase in 2019

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