Canadian Jobs Soared by 378,200 Positions in September

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Canadian jobs have been on the rise for the past four months. September saw an increase of 378,200 new positions added to the economy. 

Most of the jobs were full-time work, and only 44,000 of them were considered part-time. Every province saw an increase, except Prince Edward Island. Ontario led the pack with an additional 167,000 jobs added. Quebec increased jobs by 76,000, British Columbia saw an additional 54,000 positions added, and Alberta added 38,000 jobs.

Ontario Led The Pack With An Additional 167,000 Jobs Added!

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The Canadian job market was fueled in part by the 68,000 educational workers since the schools reopened. Once students were back in school, parents were able to return to their jobs, boosting the numbers even more. September’s job increases place the Canadian job market within 720,000 spots of where it was before the pandemic shutdown. 

In comparison, the United States has only brought back a little over 50 percent of its jobs lost, while Canada has recovered over 75 percent. These incredible numbers have pushed the unemployment rate down to nine percent, from 13.7 percent in May, the highest recorded rate.

CVP - CanadianVP

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