Canadian Job Openings in Construction Are Plentiful

Canadian Visa Professionals - Job Openings in Construction

Canada has been mostly regarded as the land of opportunity. According to Canadian Visa Professionals, the opportunities currently available and abundant in Canada include ones in the construction sector. 

There is a construction labour crunch in Canada that needs to be filled. The openings are due to mounting labour shortages of construction professionals and the looming retirement wave. 

An expert from Canadian Visa Professionals says the housing needs are growing rapidly as much as Canada’s population.

In the words of the public relations director for Labourers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) in Central and Eastern Canada, Victoria Mancinelli:

“Ten of thousands of unfilled construction jobs are available in Canada. These include open positions in residential and high-rise construction sectors for bricklayers, labourers, cement finishers, tilers and trimmers.”

Impact of the labour shortages on construction

The labour shortage is having a drastic impact on Canada’s construction industry. The fewer the number of professionals in a sector, the higher the cost of production.  

Mandy Rennehan, a construction mogul who is also the founder of Freschco, a construction company, said:

“The trades industry is no different than others because a shift in supply and demand of labour affects construction.”

“The rising labour costs are not just a concern for individual homeowners and developers. It also affects contractors and small construction businesses involved in building needed housing,” she concluded.

Canadian Visa Professionals believes that only bigger players in the sector may not be affected by the increase in construction cost the way smaller businesses are.

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